In 2014, archaeologists discovered a forgotten Viking Castle. Now the archaeologists are back to excavate the Castle, and you can follow the excavation!



Welcome centre

When you arrive at our container centre, you will look down upon what was once the Borgring Viking Castle from the viewing platform, which is six metres above the ground. Here, you can buy tickets and start your tour of the excavations.


The way, in which we present the enormous ring castle, will help you imagine just how impressive a construction it was. You will not merely encounter a hole in the ground, but a spectacular monument to one of the largest constructions of the Viking age.

360* video

Join us on a 360-degree video tour of the world of archaeology and the Viking age. Guests are not usually permitted to enter the excavations, but our app will give you the feeling of experiencing them first hand.

Virtual reality experience

Included in the price of your ticket is a pair of compact Virtual Reality glasses for your mobile telephone. These glasses will give you the sense that the Borgring Viking Castle is suddenly right in front of you. We have recreated the ring Castle for you, so you can travel back in time and take a look around.

Discoveries from the Viking age

In the container centre, you can see an exhibition of beautiful and rare artefacts from the Viking age. In our smartphone app, archaeologist Jens will tell you you about the objects, all of which were discovered close to the Viking Castle.

Four archaeologists now have four years to excavate the Viking Castle and to solve the mystery of this huge construction that disappeared from history without a trace.


Head of Research, PhD, Archaeologist
Only by looking at life outside the
ramparts can we gain an understanding
of the significance of the Castle Ring
for the Viking world.


Curator, Archaeologist
War brings everything to a head
and can cause a society to


PhD Professor MSO, Archaeologist
Why was it important for the castle
to be so big and so precisely designed?
That is the puzzle I would like to solve.


Curator, Archaeologist
I hope that I can put paid to
conventional thinking and
checklists, in terms of what
we expect to find.

The excavation of the Viking Castle develops with every year that passes. So does our exhibition. Every year, we add new chapters to the story of the mighty, mysterious castle.


Your smartphone is part of the experience

Download our free app and get the most out of your visit to the Viking Castle. Before you arrive, you can get to know the researchers and see what they have uncovered. You can also learn about the other ring castles that are spread around the county.

When you arrive at the Viking Castle, you will be given a code for using the locked functions in the app. This gives you access to videos, animations and knowledge about the discoveries from the Viking age, which are on display in the Castle.


What is the Viking Castle?

In 2014, the archaeologists Søren Sindbæk and Nanna Holm discovered the hitherto hidden Viking castle castle ring on a field outside the village of Lellinge, near Køge. Prior to their discovery, they had discussed the possibility that there was yet another ring castle of the Trelleborg type on Zealand. Using Lidar photos of the landscape and gradiometer measurements, they could see a perfect circle, more than 100 metres in diameter, emerging out of the landscape. After a test excavation, their assumption was confirmed. There was indeed a Viking fortress in the form of a ring castle.


In 2015, the Danish Castle Centre and the University of Aarhus, with support from the A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal, Køge Municipality and the National Museum of Denmark, embarked upon the development of a project, which would not only involve excavating important sections of the Castle Ring, but also disseminating the excavation, finds and the Viking Age for interested visitors. This is how the project was born. The concept of the project was then developed and the project designed by the Development Department of the Museum Southeast Denmark.


Why do you call yourselves Vikingeborgen.?

The name means 'Viking Castle' or 'Viking Fortress'. Ever since the Castle was discovered in 2014, the project has attracted huge international attention. Vikings are a popular topic in many parts of the world, so we expect quite a lot of foreign visitors to the Borgring (the name of the sight) . To facilitate communication we use the name “Vikingeborgen”, because we believe that it will be easier to understand and ring more bells than 'Borgring'.

How long will you be digging?

We have allocated four years to the excavation. We conducted the first test excavations around the castle in 2015, before we started to construct a car park and welcome centre in the fields. So the project will conclude in autumn 2018.

What will happen when you have finished excavating the Viking Castle?

As plans are right now, we will remove all traces of the excavations and the welcome centre, leaving the fields in their previous state.

Why are you only open 3 months a year?

Although our archaeologists are used to conducting excavations at any time of the year and in all kinds of weather, they will only excavate the Viking Castle in the summer. There are several explanations for this. The main thing is that they will be moving their excavations around the castle – a new excavation site each year. Jens and his team need time to examine the finds they have made during the summer and to prepare for the following year’s excavations. We also need to prepare the following year’s exhibitions, app updates and posters.


The Viking Castle is just next to Exit 33, Lellinge, on the E47.

Find directions on Google maps.

Transport time from:
- Copenhagen: 35 minutes
- Rødby ferry: 1 hour 10 minutes
- Gedser ferry: 1 hour 15 minutes
- Køge station: 15 minutes (Bus 260R)

Opening hours

Open in the period: 30 May – 30 August 2020
Every day: 10 am  - 3 pm


Entry: DKK 50
Children under 6: Free
Free guided tour every day at 11 pm
Parking: Free


Telefon: +45 70 70 12 36

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